Saturday, May 12, 2018


I am tired. Probably because life here seems to be crazier from day to day. There always seems to be more to do than there is time and more to think about than I have brain waves to devote. So sometimes, I find it difficult go to bed at a reasonable time. Sometimes I find it difficult to go to sleep when I do get into bed. I think that if I just get one more thing done. . . or if I just can sort this out in my head before I go to sleep. . . But one recent night when I turned off the light and turned over on the pillow, I remembered the promises in the Psalms that say that God gives His Beloved sleep. Strange gift. Except that sleep isn't possible when one is afraid or working or thinking. Sleep supposes resting in safety and labor finished or set aside. In order to sleep, one must submit to the need to rest, the presence of safety, and a certain level of completeness or at least an admission that I can't get it all done. In contrast, God is described as the God who never slumbers or sleeps. He needs no rest. He is the provider of safety, and He is constantly working for my good. So frail human one, gratefully take your rest and let God be God. He is better at it than you are.

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